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Planning and scheduling is so important in our daily basis life. Especially for entrepreneurs, work-at-home-mom, and people who has busy schedule. Planning out your day in the morning before start working can make your day much more easier.

We have so much things to do everyday but we all have limited time to do it all. Focus on things that really important is a must. And so, the Top 3 priorities section allow you to figure out which top 3 important tasks that you MUST do today.
And schedule the rest in Morning, Afternoon, Night sections.

There’s also a space for things that you might want to take note. Maybe it’s an idea that it suddenly got into your mind. Or maybe there’s a person you need to call. Whatever it is, you can jot it down at the NOTES section. How about writing down some Quotes in the note box or decorate it with kawaii stickers?

And the most favorite part of mine is the Mindful Tracker box.
It allows you to track your health & mentality. It is as important as everyday to-dos.
Mark your emotions and count how much you score daily! Review and improve it along the way.

And there’s a Meal Tracker and Hydration Tracker too.

With this Daily Planner, you’re able to write down almost everything that you need to take note and schedule for your day.

Don’t forget the Me Time section down below.
I know you are busy. But allowing yourself to make some free time for the things you love is essential. The one-thing that you wanted to do for so long but haven’t got anytime to do it. PLAN IT NOW! Do you read? Sing? Dance? Drawing or Sewing? For me, reading, crochet and painting is the most I love to do at my free time. I’m still working hard to make time for crochet though.

So, what do you think about this planner?

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I hope you’ll like this daily planner that I made with love.

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