How to cut stickers with Silhouette Cameo


It’s fun to have this tutorial up!

Ever wonder how to make handmade stickers for your Erin Condren Planner, Kikki-K Planner, MAMBI Happy Planner, and other planners that you can find in the market?

I’m obsessed with paper printing and designing graphics. When I saw Silhouette Cameo on sale in my local exhibition hall last year. I picked Cameo among others like Brother ScanNCut. But once I got it, I have no idea how to use it! I google for tutorial but there’s less information on how to cut the stickers. There’s some on Youtube recently though.

I shared this macaroon stickers on Planner Facebook Group and never thought that you guys are interested in this and have requested for a tutorial on how I cut my stickers! I’m so excited and have made one for you guys!

Disclaimer : This is just how I made my stickers using Illustrator, and Silhouette Cameo. There’s several way to make it depends on your preferences.

First, I draw this macaroon in Adobe Illustrator, and convert it to PNG image. (not SVG cut file)
I then create the kiss-cut line with the image in Silhouette Studio and I will show you how in my video.

Insert Image to Silhouette Studio
When you got this image file ready, drag it into your Silhouette Studio.

Switch On Registration Marks
Switch on the Registration Marks > Reposition the image within Registration Marks

Create Cut Over Line
Create a Cut Over Cut line to have a PostCard Size / A5 size sticker paper for easy storage > Change the line color into a different color. In this tutorial, I picked Blue for the cut line.

Create Kiss Cut Lin
To create kiss-cut line for the Macaroons > Select Trace > Trace Area > Select the area to trace
Uncheck High Pass and Low Pass, Tresehold to 100% and Scale to 4 > Trace Outer Edge

When you’ve done creating the cut lines, prepare your sticker paper and printer.
It’s time to print out your stickers! *Along with Registration Marks.

Prepare Sticker on Cutting Mat
Once you’ve got your sticker ready, switch on your Cameo & Cutting Mat now.
Plug in your Cameo and connect with your computer / laptop.
Align your printed sticker paper to stick on your cutting mat.
Switch on your Silhouette Cameo, insert your cut mat > click Load Cut Mat on Cameo touchscreen.
* Make sure the blade on Cameo had set to 1

Kiss-Cut Stickers – Cut Setting
Go back to Silhouette Studio.
Click Cut Setting > Checked Advanced > Checked Red cut lines to kiss-cut the macaroon first.
In this cut setting I put Blade 1 , Speed 5, Thickness 1 > Send to Silhouette
Now your machine is recognizing your sticker paper and start kiss cutting them.

Cut Over Stickers – Cut Setting
Now, leave your mat and sticker like this without unload it from the machine.
** Change the blade in Cameo to 2
Go back to Silhouette Studio, you want to cut over the sticker for easy storage.
Go to Cut Setting > Checked Advanced > Unchecked Red lines & Checked Blue cut lines to cut over the stickers.
In this cut setting I put Blade 2 , Speed 10, Thickness 5 > Send to Silhouette

Tear off sticker from Cut Mat – without curve your sticker!
Unload mat. Tear off your sticker from cutting mat.
** TIPS: Put your sticker paper face down, hold the sticker in place and tear away cutting mat.
You will have a flat sticker without curve your sticker from sticky cutting mat!



  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Oh my gosh! I have hard time finding instructions on how to actually CUT them… Everyone makes it looks so easy, without showing the setting up of the colors of the lines. You are going to save me so much headache!

  2. I have watched you video and love the help!! I do have a question…When you print the stickers does the postcard box and the kiss cut lines get printed too? I just got my cameo and can’t seem to figure this stage of making the stickers out 🙁 Thank you so much for sharing!!!

    • Hi Sarah,

      Great questions!
      The cut lines that you created in Silhouette Studio won’t be printed.
      No matter what color you applied for the lines.
      If you want to make sure what will be printed at the end, click “Print”, and on the “Print setting” window
      you should find an option down below that says “Preview in PDF”. Click on that and it will show you a preview what it’ll be printed.
      In Silhouette Studio, any lines that you created won’t be printed. But it will be printed if you fill in color for shapes.

      Hope it helps 🙂
      If you have any further questions you can email me anytime. I’d love to talk with you.
      Have Fun!

    • Hi Evonne,

      The sticker I used in this video is with 100gsm thickness.
      I use different Thickness setting on different sticker paper.
      I noticed that I set the thickness to 1 in this video. But later on, I found 6 work best for me.
      You should test it from 6 to 8 and see which one work best for your sticker paper. ( write it down when you found the best setting )
      FYI, I set Thickness to 6 to cut on my matt sticker paper, while 8 for gloss sticker. Speed to 6 for both types of paper.
      If I cut simple line, I set Speed to 8. (Don’t speed up when die cut difficult shapes as it might ruin your paper)

      Hope it helps 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing, I’ve a struggle with the cameo software . I’m gonna do your method with my own designs hopping it’ll work

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